Ben Allen is a professional fishing rod builder and fishing guide based out of Wasilla, Alaska.

Ben has embraced the custom fishing rod building and fishing guide lifestyle.  He owns and operates Miller’s Riverboat Service, where he provides top notch fishing guide services for a variety of fisheries in southcentral Alaska.  Additionally Ben owns and operates Susitna Rods, which is a custom fishing rod building business.


Ben has been building fishing rods and guiding fishing trips full time in Alaska since 2004.  He has dedicated his life to the process of what it takes to not only build the best fishing rods for the Matsu Valley and beyond, but to provide his fishing customers, on his boat, the best opportunity to have a successful trip.  


Ben is recognized on the water as one of south central Alaska’s top guides.  His uncompromising dedication to excellence and passion for fishing and fishing rod building, has resulted in a consistency in performance rarely found in other guide services and custom rod builders.  Ben’s 20 years full time professional fishing guide and rod building experience in Alaska, along with his passion for life and people, are the reasons his customers keep returning.


Ben’s Susitna fishing rods are built primarily for Matsu Valley fisheries in Alaska and with performance in mind. Susitna Rod’s are built using quality components and on quality blanks that have been rigorously tested by Ben.  Susitna Rod’s are primarily built on Batson Blanks using guide and handle components from Fuji, Batson and Alps.  All of Ben’s rods are hand made in Wasilla, Alaska.  The best fishing rod is the one built for you and your intended application and vision. These rods are designed for the Matsu Valley and if you are fishing for salmon and trout in the Matsu Valley or anywhere in Alaska, you really owe it to yourself to give these rods a try.  


Miller’s Riverboat Service specializes in guiding salmon and trout fishing power boat and raft trips in the Matsu Valley, on the Deshka River, Little Susitna River, Susitna River tributaries and lakes of the Matsu Valley, in addition to the Gulkana River in the Copper River drainage.


Ben and his wife Amber along with their son Beaux live in Wasilla, Alaska.  Their faith and trust in God is what is most important to them. Their favorite family activity is fishing, but they enjoy all the awesome outdoor activities the Matsu Valley has to offer, including nordic skiing along with trail running, biking and hiking.    


Thank you for shopping local!           Ben Allen