Old fashioned 100% lifetime unconditional warranty.  

For any breakage, call, text, or email Ben and he will get you taken care of.

(907) 715-1095 


Pride in performance and customer satisfaction is super important to Ben Allen and Susitna Rods.  Ben wants to win your business and he stands by every rod that leaves the shop!

When you buy rods from Ben, not only are you supporting a small business but additionally acquiring a better product at a better price with personalized service big business's can't and won't provide.

We have had several friends tell him this is not a good policy and we could lose a lot of money.  Ben is willing to pay the price and work harder, smarter and longer than all the competition. Ben has extreme confidence in his rods.  To be blunt we wan't long term relationships with our customers and  want them to not even consider buying a rod from anyone else.