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Susitna Custom Rods

Alaska Fishing Rods

Located in Wasilla, Alaska


Susitna Rods spawned out of Ben Allen's uncompromising committment to excellence that factory rods could no longer provide.

Ben Allen, builds custom fly fishing, spinning, and bait cast fishing rods. A deriviation of innovation, testing, passion, quality components and thousands of hours field testing are the reasons, Susitna rods are the best fishing rod for performance on the world class waters of the Matanuska Valley. Susitna rods are designed specifically for the salmon and trout fisheries of the Susitna Valley.  There are no other rods like them.  The actions, power ratings, guide spacing, components and handles are articulated specifically for the fisheries Ben guides on.  

Ben builds on the finest quality blanks available.   Every rod comes with choice of thread color and customers name signed on the rod.

  • Ben has been guiding full time professionally in Alaska for 20 years, and rod building for 25.  He grew up with a rod in his hand and in 2019, Ben founded Susitna Rods.  Ben began producing rods for Miller's Riverboat Service because factory built rods no longer met his standard of excellence.

Contact (call/text) Ben Allen @ 907 715 1095 to start your rod build today.

Call for current discount pricing available.